What We Do


Our Design Values;

  • Design Elegance:      Showing ‘unusual effectiveness and simplicity ’  (Wikipedia definition)
  • Doing more with less:      ‘Greater functionality using less material, fewer parts & less energy’
  • High product reliability and long life:      ‘Maximising useful life while minimizing environmental impact’
  • Design for profit:      ‘A successful product without a healthy profit margin is a failure’
  • Innovation as standard:     ‘If you’re really solving a problem the solution is going to be innovative’


Our Capabilities Include;

  • Precision, mechanical design.
  • Joined up electro-mechanical product design
  • Agile development, fast iteration, in house rapid prototyping.
  • Professional, tenacious approach to meeting the design objectives
  • Design for certification, safety & EMC compatibilty
  • Extensive IP experience