Intellectual Property

cropped-cropped-McNestry20Innovation.pngFor decades we have been very active in applying for patents due to the high level of innovation in our designs.   We appreciate the value of the monopoly that a strong patent can bring to a business, therefore we are careful to patent the most valuable and innovative features of our designs.

We have also been active in defending these patents, through the courts when necessary, in cases of infringement etc.  These include court cases in the High Court in the UK, the European Patent Court, in The Hague and the US Court of New Hampshire.   The judgments from some of these court cases now form part of UK patent case law.


McNestry Innovation Limited is interested in licensing its intellectual property to companies who are well positioned to manufacture and market the resulting products.   Such companies will typically be active in the relevant market sector with established distribution channels and in depth sector knowledge.

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