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The Founding Directors inventions have produced decades of disruptive innovation in the industrial product design space.   This has been accomplished whilst working in companies from startups and SMEs, to some of the largest and most respected companies in their respective industries.

This includes being named as inventor on approximately 240 patents & patent applications.   These make up in 28 patent families, many of which are actively protecting market leading industrial products.   The most recent of these were achieved while working for Videojet Technologies Inc. the largest coding and labeling company in the world and a part of the Danaher Corporation.

Perhaps this level of creativity in the industrial design space was bound to spill over into consumer products eventually.

As with many inventions it began with a problem for which no adequate solutions were available.   Several years and several prototypes later, a patent application was filed in 2014.  

This was the beginning of McNestry Innovation.

It became an independent concern in 2015, in order to develop its own innovative technologies further, as well as providing in-house design and patent expertise to our corporates.

We aim to;

  • Fill market gaps by technical innovation.
  • Develop working, demonstrable product prototypes.
  • Create and license valuable intellectual property born out of this process.


In 2016 McNestry Innovation became a Limited Company.

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